There are some ways of cleaning a roof. But according to roofing company Milwaukee WI, there are other important things to encounter. So, here are some key points about dos and don’t. This will help you to run a safe but effective roof cleaning project. Such as: 

Dos and Don’ts By Roofing Company Milwaukee WI

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Cleaning Procedure 

Don’t: pressure washing roof cleaning is never a good idea. Instead, use the low-pressure washer technique. Besides, high pressure will loosen the shingles and seriously damage the roof.

 Do: consider using a sprayer attached to a garden hose. Now, fill the blank space with a mixture. This mixture is made of equal parts of chlorine bleach and water. Also, this bleach is the laundry-strength liquid chlorine bleach. Thus, you can have the best roof cleaner suggested by roofing company Milwaukee WI; also, asphalt shingles will be easier to clean with it. So, first, spray the roof with that mixture and then keep it on the surface for 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, rinse that thoroughly with clean water.

Don’t: You cannot use it for your landscape and surrounding areas. Because bleaching powder can harm the environment or greenery. Therefore, avoid those sections. 

 Do: Wet all the plants and shrubbery thoroughly using plain water before covering with plastic. After that, rinse those carefully just after when you are done cleaning the roof with bleach. 

Don’t: According to roofing company Milwaukee WI, this solution will immediately remove previously grown algae from your roof. But still, you might need to apply the solution again on the roof. Although mostly it works at the first time.

Tips on During Roof Cleaning 

 Do: However, you need to have patience. After one cleaning round, give it some time. Therefore, those algae will wash away eventually during seasonal rainstorms. Also, moss will eventually come to a point where you can remove it with a leaf blower.

Don’t: it’s better not try to schedule roof cleaning on a sunny day. If you do so, the bleach solution will evaporate too quickly due to the heat of the sun. Also, this process will limit the cleaning effect of the solution. 

 Do: So, consider cleaning the roof on a cloudy, calm day. Because then, the wind won’t blow. Therefore, no more worries!

Don’t: try to clean the roof with enough and proper safety precautions.

 Do: before jumping into the cleaning part, check whether the roof’s surface can take the load. That means whether you can walk on the roof. So, clean only after determining safe walking on its surface. Sometimes, the roof can be slippery or sloppy. In both cases, the cleaning project will be hard by traversing. Besides, you can wear well-fitting shoes with slip-resistant rubber soles. This will keep the safety issue on rolling. Also, take care of your eye and skin during the cleaning project. 

Don’t: you should not wait until your roof is covered in algae or moss. Because by that time, you will be late from saving the roof.

 Do: now, trim back overhanging branches to expose. These brunches are harmful and also prevent sunlight on the roof. And clear debris such as branches and leaves from surfaces with a leaf blower. Keep the surrounding gutters clean. Therefore, the roof will have a nice water pass and remain as dry as possible.

Final Thought

Now, you have the best ways to clean a roof. In fact, these suggestions are from roofing company Milwaukee WI. Besides, try to follow these guidelines carefully. Also, keep in mind that these roof-cleaning tips are applicable for asphalt shingles. But if you have another roof, it’s still important to check. You can also consider professional help. Besides, there are other ways to clean your roof. So, read the instructions carefully before starting cleaning. 


How to clean roofs by yourself?

According to roofing company Milwaukee WI, you can clean your roof by yourself. All you need is some bleaching powder and water. Then apply this mixture on the roof and keep that for 20 minutes. After a that, you can raise the surface with fresh water. Now, this is not hard cleaning, but you can clean the surface of the roof.

Is hard wash good for roof cleaning?

No. it would help if you avoided hard wash for your roof cleaning. Most of the roofing company Milwaukee WI will suggest you soft wash instead of hard wash. On the other hand, hard wash can damage the basic structure of the surface. But if you clean with a soft wash, your roof will look good without damaging the materials at all.

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