The Role of Professional Roofer Milwaukee in Different Types of Roofing

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Many companies in your area provide roofing services in residential and commercial places. However, how many of them are trustworthy enough to rely on confidently? We are one of them as we have the best Roofer Milwaukee for your roofing solutions. We have a wide range of services in roofing materials. We also help you choose the best one, depending on your criteria.

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Get the Most Popular Roofing Materials by Roofer Milwaukee

As you know that asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing materials for residential purposes, we will skip that part here. Let’s explore some other roofing materials except asphalt shingles and slate roofing.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing appears in shingles or vertical panels resembling slate, shake, and tile. Typically, metal roofs last more than 60 years, and they can stand firm in snow and heavy rain. There are no chances of burning or damage before the predictable lifespan. One thing that could be a problem for some people is the noisy part of metal roofing. Though it’s not that impactful, it might be an obstacle to choose over someone. The costs of metal roofing fluctuate between $ 6 to $ 12 per square foot. In some places, a metal roof lasts for 75 years, which is an outstanding benefit of metal roofing.

Metal Shingles/Shakes

If you are one of them who don’t like metal roofing but wants its advantages, you must consider this one. There are aluminum or steel shingles or shakes available. This one has made from stamped metal, and the finishing is in a high-quality coating or baked or mineral granules.   You can make your roof traditional if appearance seems a critical concern for you. Most shingle roofs cost $ 7 to $ 10 per square foot until installation. The lasting period goes up to 50 years in many cases.

Clay Tile

Clay tile is one of the outstanding roofing materials for hot climates. If you live in the salt area, you can think of installing a clay tile as a roofing surface. Clay tiles are an expensive roofing option, but it is worth the money. The costs of clay tile move from $ 10 to $ 18 per square foot. Though it is expensive, it can last longer than a century.

Wood Shingles and Shake

Wood shingles are highly popular with many homeowners because of their longevity. You can gain an attractive shade of gray through wood shakes and shingles. Wood shakes are handmade and rougher than wood shingles; those are usually cut by machine. Wood shingles offer a rustic outlook and a natural vibe of cedar, redwood, and southern pine. Fire code is a negative side of wood shakes, which can be a more significant concern in damp climates.

Synthetic Roofing Products

Rubber, polymer, and plastic roofing are some of the synthetic roofing options that can be versatile and customizable. You can gain multiple colors, textures, styles, and designs. These are so easy to maintain and also fire resistant. Synthetic roofing is not fragile, expensive, or even heavier. The only thing that you must focus on is that the qualities differ.

What is the cost and lifespan of Asphalt Shingles?

The asphalt shingle price starts from $ 70 to $ 120 a square, and if you can maintain it properly, it will last up to 25 years indeed.