TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This is a roofing membrane, especially vastly used in commercial roofing Milwaukee installations. However, TPO was introduced in Europe in the 1980s. Now, in the thermoplastic roofing systems category, these are the fastest-growing segment. Usually, roofing contractors prefer these for the commercial roofing market.

Although, TPOs are available in the market. In fact, it has been famous for almost 30 years. Besides, TPO is relatively new. You can compare with other established single-ply membranes. For example, EPDM and PVC.

However, the best part is TPO has two amazing qualities. The basic mechanism behind this is the combination of the low cost of EPDM and the durability of PVC. Therefore, TPO serves better than other options and runs longer.

There are some benefits of TPOs discussed below.

TPO Roofing Milwaukee Membranes Installation 

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Cost Effective

TPO is cost effective and efficient selection for commercial roofing Milwaukee. In fact, the materials used during the process are cheap. Thus, the overall costing has come to a minimum range. However, lower costing doesn’t make it less appealing; instead, you can confidently choose this one with tight capital in the business. Not to mention, roofer Milwaukee will not even charge huge for installation.

Installation Flexibility

TPO roofing system is flexible. In fact, you can install this on any house. Besides, this type of installation process is easy and fast. Such as mechanically attached, adhered, and ballasted, etc. The versatility of the material makes this popular for all kinds of roofing installations. In addition, you would not need a special roofer Milwaukee to install this.

Accommodates Settling

As we mentioned, TPO is a thermoplastic membrane. Therefore, it’s flexible and able to be at a normal temperature all the time. In fact, it accommodates the building’s normal “settling.” Also, you will have the flexible expansion and contraction for all seasons. Besides, no matter how often the outside temperatures change, your space will always be comfortable.

Energy Efficient

In recent years, the energy savings issue has been a serious one. Homeowners to people in business, everyone is thinking about energy saving. Especially, it has become an important requirement for commercial building owners. Fortunately, the TPO membranes earn high marks in this case. So, due to their reflectivity, TPO membranes are at the top.

TPO roofs are cool roofs. Therefore, this is best for delivering lower utility bills in the summer. Basically, the roof keeps the place at a comfortable temperature; meanwhile, less heat is conducted into your building.

Not to mention, these membranes have a special environmentally friendly attribute. You can recycle these after their lifespan.

Durable And Resistant

TPO systems are durable and last for a long time. In fact, like modern single-ply membranes, TPO comes in a variety of thicknesses with a layer of reinforcement scrim. This is known as an industrial-fabric mesh in the center.

This membrane composition helps TPO systems to resist punctures. Besides, no more worries about impacts and tearing. It also can treat molds and resist them.

Light Weight and Easy to Install

As we mentioned, the materials of TPO are perfect and efficient. It also serves the most demandable quality, which is lightweight. In fact, any roofer Milwaukee can install the roof within a very short time.

Because of the lightweight, this is easy to carry and install. Also, during installation, you would not need a bunch of hands. In short, for quicker installation, you can rely on this TPO membrane for the rooftop.

Drawback of TPO’s Formulation

Narrow Temperature Window For Installation

Another drawback of the TPO formulation is the narrow temperature window. For an effective welding, it is an issue during installation. But once you have properly installed it, it can handle cold and snow weather very well. On the other hand, cold ambient temperatures create an issue if you need a roof in winter. It may prevent effective membrane welding.


When is the best time for roofing Milwaukee installation?

If you want to install a roof, you can do the job in the summer. Because in summer, you will have nice weather to work on the roof. Besides, the top will be dry and helpful to step on it. Also, before winter, you need a roof inspection or replacement. Because therefore, you will be able to survive the cold winter. So, summer is the best time for any roofing project.

Why TPO roofs are best for homes?

TPO roofs are cool roofs. Therefore, this is best for delivering lower utility bills in the summer. It has become an important requirement for commercial building owners. It’s flexible and able to be at a normal temperature all the time.

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