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What Should I Do If Roof Shingles Have Fallen Off in A Windstorm?

Roof shingles can blow away by the heavy wind if they are not installed perfectly. However, when the shingles get blown away in a storm, your roof becomes weak. In fact, at that time, it will become vulnerable to damage. Besides, that will be quite expensive to fix, though. So, to immediately prevent any leaks and further damage, you should appoint a roofer Milwaukee. Because this is no longer a DIY job. So, hire a professional with the required knowledge and skills. They will assess the situation and provide adequate solutions. 

How Do I Know If Any Shingles Is Missing?

After a storm or any bad weather effect, you can check by yourself whether the shingle is missing. This is an easy task to tell if the roof shingles are missing. So, try to look for a gap between them. In addition, if you find spots underlying wooden planks, this is a sure sign. For sure, there were shingles that were blown away in the wind.

So, try to spot anything amiss with your shingles. You could check by following these steps:

Why Do My Roofs Receive More Damage Than Others?

There are several reasons behind shingles getting damaged in a windstorm. Some of the common causes are mentioned in the following:

So, give your old roofing system a nice shingle. Also, if the system needs repair, do not wait longer. Repair or replacement, make a plan, and go accordingly. Otherwise, it is likely to get more damage in a windstorm.


Aren’t Roof Shingles Designed to Withstand High Winds?

Before marketing roof shingles, owners taste these. In fact, you buy the tested ones. They are sustainable and reliable. But when you face heavy storms or wind, they are not likely to withstand that. In fact, not all shingles can withstand the same level of wind speed. Besides, if your house is in an area, then there are high winds. So, your roofer Milwaukee must build something to overcome that wind. Also, your roofing Milwaukee shingles need to be able to withstand the wind. 

What Can I Use In Roof Cleaning by Roofer Milwaukee?

Roof cleaning is not so hard, and you can do it by yourself. So, first, you need rubble shoes so that you do not slip from the roof. Now, with safety clothes, go to the roof. Then put bleaching powder into plain water according to 1:1. Now, mix this and spread it on the roof. But you should not do this on a sunny day. Because the extreme heat will vaporize the bleach. Therefore, it will not work as it supposes to. 

However, clean your roof on a cloudy day. Meanwhile, after spreading the bleaching mixture, keep it that way for 20 minutes. Then rinse it with plain water. Your roof will be clean as new. On the other hand, you can hire roofer Milwaukee if you are scared to go on top. Because nowadays roofing Milwaukee companies are also offering roof cleaning services. 

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